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Insert Grades for Turning Stainless Steels


NEW Design – The High Performance “MM” Chipbreaker


Unique Substrate, Geometry, Coating AND Optimal Edge Prep

Designed to provide the optimum balance of metal removal rate, tool life & surface finish with light to medium machining DOC and feed rates


“MM” Chipbreaker Inserts On-The-Shelf

More Styles and Sizes Coming

YG-1 The Fastest Growing Carbide Insert Manufacturer in the WORLD


YG-1 Conventional Grades for Stainless and Alloy Steels

CVD – TiCN Al2O3 Coated

Ideal for 400 Series Stainless

Available with UF, UM or UC Chipbreakers

Grade YG3010

For Finishing & Light Machining

Grade YG3020

Provides Excellent Toughness

First Choice for Alloy Steels

Grade YG3030

For interrupted cuts and heavy roughing

All 3 Grades are available
in most turning styles

The 5 steps to choosing the RIGHT Insert

  1. Define the application (material and type of cut needed)
  2. Select the appropriate insert style and size for the tool holder
  3. Select the appropriate chipbreaker (chip control)
  4. Select the appropriate grade

Recommended cutting conditions are provided for every insert style, chipbreaker & grade


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Effective thru June 30, 2019

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